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AWARD 2023

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Congratulations FRAN SCHNEIDER – our 2023 Carolyn Engelken Live the Way You Run award recipient! Generously provided by New Balance.

This recipient is described as someone who encourages and supports runners of all ages and abilities. She is an example of someone who lives with appreciation, enthusiasm, and courage. She regularly calls, texts, and emails others to join in upcoming races, Columbine scheduled events, or when she is just going out to exercise. She suggests many impromptu runs as well as attends races in near and far destinations. She is described as social, outgoing, and a great addition as a traveling companion. She is confident, competitive, passionate, and productive. She is also described as fearless, respected, admirable, and opinionated. She is not only an an accomplished runner, but an avid cyclist, swimmer, and artist. She is always willing to help, is fun to be with and has a positive outlook on life. 

This recipient has been a long-time member and volunteer for many different Columbine and non-Columbine related events. She was on the bucket brigade for Distance Divas, has coordinated water stations for the Platte River Half, and The Revel Marathon water Mile 2 water station. She has helped provide snacks and helped as a running buddy for Girls On the Run practice races. An important race to her is the Evergreen Freedom Run that supports the Mount Evans Hospices. She has recruited others to join her in these volunteer efforts and support this cause.  She has been known to volunteer at her local church and help with folks’ gardens.

This recipient is an Ironman. One might not know that, as she is modest in what she has accomplished athletically. Although she has suffered from some recent back issues and surgeries, she is a proponent of forward motion. I have heard her on multiple occasions say something along the lines of, “Well as long as we’re moving, we’re good.” She welcomes new members and is approachable whether she knows you or not. She is known to stop and listen and then encourage forward motion literally and figuratively! Her own personal goals inspire others to want to be the best version of themselves too. 

This recipient goes above and beyond running. As many likely have guessed already, this recipient faced an unimaginable loss of her life partner. Her strength has come from having to face a life without her spouse and take on more challenges as a widow. She has been there to help others who have faced similar losses. She has given airport rides, helped tackle handyman projects, cleaned homes, and run errands. This recipient has been amazingly supportive through tears, conversation, and silence. She has been there to support others though the long road to healing. One person noted, “She helped behind the scenes doing tasks and supporting me when my son was struggling with alcoholism and suicidality.” She listens when others need to talk and offers help when those are ready to accept it. She truly understands how precious life is and the blessings that we have and should embrace as strong women. She is an inspiration and role model for what it means to be women of strength through any life challenges: the good, the bad, and the promising. 

It gives me great pleasure to present the 2023 Carolyn Engelken Live The Way You Run Award to Fran Schneider.
~Julie Berland, 2022 Recipient

Past Recipients:

1981 – Lynn Kripakov
1982 – Val Ranum
1983 – Dee Reef
1984 – Lorraine Pennington
1985 – Liz Hoskins
1986 – Elke Abitbol
1987 – Sharon KluteOu
1988 – Rachella Seeley
1989 – Ada Yamamoto
1990 – Carol Jansen
1991 – Carolyn Engelken
1992 – Decker Weil
1993 – Lisa Paige
1995 – Margaret Halsey
1996 – Laurie Nakauchi-Hawn
1997 – Terry Sommer
1998 – Ellen Kennard
1999 – Chris Ames

2000 – Tiffany Will

2001 – Beth Tennant
2002 – Terry McFarlane
2003 – Carla St. Romain
2004 – Martha Fulford & Lynn Vaseleski
2005 – Marguerite Slavik
2006 – Cathy Rosset
2007 – Jane Potter
2008 – Katie Fox
2009 – Tookie Scherder
2010 – Marily Lane
2011 – Carol Clark
2012 – Gayle Zorilla
2013 – Melissa Hoskins
2014 – Suzanne Buntrock
2015- Eva Hart
2016 – Tina Akin
2017 – Melissa (Mel) Bell
2018 – Kathy Oglesby
2019 - Kim Zahn
2022 - Julie Berland


Congratulations JOANNE STRATTON – our 2020 Running Spirit award recipient!


The Columbine’s Running Club will be awarding the Running Spirit Award to a deserving member annually. The award will honor someone from the club who meets the following criteria:

  • Someone new to running or someone who has made a transition back into running

  • Someone who has demonstrated exceptional effort to become a runner

  • Someone who has seized the power of running to make a difference in her life and take control of her fitness future

  • Someone whose story inspires women who want to become runners and motivates others who enjoy all the benefits of the sport

Joanne started running with a group of friends in her 30s or 40s. She would do local races in Indiana. After a bad fall, she switched from running to walking and has been consistent in her walking over the years. What has been impressive with Joanne is the speed that she walks.


A few years ago, Joanne had foot surgery and then went to Moab that spring for a 5K and placed in her age group. Her doctor put her race picture on his wall of success, which was also filled, with pictures of Bronco players and other professional athletes.

Joanne is notorious for scouting races to see the age categories. She will not participate in races where the last category is just 60+.
In November 2019, Joanne turned 80, so she decided to do the Santa Stampede in December. She won the 80-year-old category.

She has also been a faithful volunteer at the Columbine water station during the Platte River Half Marathon and she has previously coached Girls on the Run in Grand Junction.

Joanne has been an inspiration to Columbine members with her consistency and dedication to the sport.
We all hope we are able to be as active as she is when we are her age.

Prior Honorees:

2019 – Nisha Nelson
2018 – Paige Morris
2017 – Heather Smiles
2016 – Karen Csaba
2015 – Denise Glassman
2014 – Jenae Moore
2013 – Jan McBee

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