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      Hi Ladies!

      It appears we are getting some much needed moister this week. We will keep an eye on the weather for Wednesday, but we are hoping to get in the core workout that we couldn’t do last month at the end of practice. Fingers crossed the rain holds off for practice time.


      Easy jog warmup 10-15 minutes

      Drills: https://youtu.be/6H8WLfyavWk

      Since I’ve heard many of you are doing some 5ks and 10ks this month, I think it’s time we up the volume a bit this week.

      3:30 ON (7/10 effort – about your 5-10k race pace), 2 minutes EASY (walk/jog) The goal is to maintain the same pace the entire workout for the ON effort or get slightly faster with each one. An easy trick to know if you are maintaining pace is to start in the same spot each time and finish in the same spot (or get a little further).

      We will repeat that 4 times.

      Cool down 10-15 minutes.

      Happy running everyone!

      Coach Megan


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