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      Hi Ladies!

      Happy upcoming Mother’s Day to all! It looks like it will be a gorgeous weekend that I hope all of you can enjoy with family and/or friends. I know a lot of you are headed up to Westminster to race. Wishing you all a speedy morning with lots of yummy post race food.


      Easy jog warmup 10-15 minutes

      Drills: https://youtu.be/6H8WLfyavWk

      All of you ran so well this past week! Everyone was consistent with pacing and many of you even ran faster every interval. Hoping you can apply that stellar pacing to future races. We are going to keep the volume about the same (meaning total minutes), but a slightly different workout.

      3 minutes ON, 1:00 EASY/RECOVER (walk/jog)

      2 minutes ON, 3:00 EASY/RECOVER (walk/jog)


      We will do this a total of 3 times.

      I am intentionally giving you very little rest between the 3 and 2 ON intervals. This is basically a 5 minute interval with a slight mental break since that minute rest will not get your HR down significantly. The goal is to keep the intervals at about the same pacing as last week (roughly 5-10k pace or 7-8/10 effort).

      Cool down 10-15 minutes.

      Happy running everyone!

      Coach Megan


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