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      Hi Ladies,

      For those of you that missed this past week, we ended up shortening the intervals and increasing the rest. The heat came on quickly and our bodies will need some time to adjust to the change. Please make sure you are hydrating well and getting in electrolytes – particularly if you are a heavy sweater. If possible, get runs done in the morning or on a treadmill if you have access. If you have to run outside in the heat of the day, bring water with you (or make sure you have access along the way) for anything over 30 minutes, try to find a route with some shade and slow down.

      Easy jog warmup 10-15 minutes

      Drills: https://youtu.be/6H8WLfyavWk
      Running Form Drills: 7 Drills That Improve Speed and Form
      Get more info at http://strengthrunning.com/2015/09/running-drills-to-improve-speed-form-efficiencyRunning form drills are staples in most competitive runner…

      It looks to be another hot one coming up, so we may adjust this depending on how everyone is feeling.

      1 minute ON/2 minutes OFF
      2 minutes ON/3 minutes OFF
      3 minutes ON/4 minutes OFF
      2 minutes ON/3 minutes OFF
      1 minute ON

      ON – Goal is slightly faster than a 2 mile EFFORT. Don’t focus too much on specific pace.
      OFF – easy jog/walk to get HR down. Grab sips of water when you need it.

      Cool down for 10-15 minutes.

      See you Wednesday!

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