Sample Workout

6 x 800 with 3:30 recovery @ 4:10/800

This means to run 2 laps in a time of four minutes and ten seconds then do a recovery jog for three and a half minutes.  Repeat this six times.

Track Etiquette

  • Do speed work in lane 1 (inside lane of track) so faster runners are able to go around you in lane two
  • Move to lanes 3 & 4 while doing recovery jogs
  • Avoid running side by side with other runners across lanes.  This make it harder for faster runners to go by the group.
  • Run in a counter clock wise direction

Track Terms

400s or 400 meters = one lap
800s = two laps

1200s = three laps

4 laps = 1 mile

Recovery: slow jog or walk
Lane 1 = inside lane of track
Intervals or Repeats: type of workout where a set distance is run repeatedly with a recovery jog between them
Negative splits: running a certain distance repeatedly with each distance faster than the last one. For example, running 4 consecutive laps with each lap faster than the previous one.
Strides: Short, fast but controlled runs lasting 15-45 seconds followed by full recovery; benefits include faster leg turnover and improvements in running form
Tempo runs: Type of workout to improve the lactate threshold; usually consists of 15-30 minutes of running at the lactate threshold speed
Lactate threshold: The running intensity where lactic acid begins to rapidly accumulate in the blood. Also called anaerobic threshold; lactate threshold speed is your 10K race pace plus 5-20 seconds or a heart rate zone between 85-89% of maximum. 
Fartlek: Swedish word for speedplay; workout includes faster running mixed with slower running; adds variety to training.
Time trial
–  running a timed 2 miles (8 laps) on the track at different times thought out the track season to measure improvement.