2020 Track

Track provides the opportunity for members to utilize the gains in performance that track often provides to do either a late Spring/early Summer race or a Fall race.

Session dates are as follows:

  • Session I Dates – March-June
  • Session II Dates – August-October

Every Tuesday Night

Never done track? Don’t worry!
Workouts will be explained and there will always be someone there to help you.
Click here for Track Terms and Track Etiquette

Why Participate in Track Training?

  • It is an effective way to improve running performance, build muscle strength, and increase your efficiency
  • The flat surface and measured distance enables you to learn to pace yourself
  • You have access to a coach
  • You get to workout with a great group of women who encourage you
  • It helps you stay fit by adding variety to your running workouts
  • You get to meet women with similar abilities

WHERE: TBD – come back soon!

Announcements/Workout Instructions 6:00 PM
Warm-ups and workout immediately following.

COACH: New for 2020: Megan Greene!

NOTE: Track practices are open to Columbines members only. Not yet a member? Come try out a track workout for free.

Contact Track Coordinators Julie Berland and Lauren Goodwin for more information.