The Distance Divas is a sub-group of the Columbines and our members love to run distance! You must join the Columbines to join the Distance Divas. Most of the women in this group are training for either a half or full marathon although this is not required.

There are two Divas sessions per year that are 18 weeks in duration and these sessions are timed to end with both a local and a destination race which members can choose to run should they wish to do so. There is a winter/spring session which runs December through mid-April and a summer/fall session which runs June through September. The fee to join each session is $20 and members are eligible for incentives that are awarded throughout the session

The Saturday long runs are planned and supported with fluids for up to 20 miles and originate from various places within the Denver Metro area.  Members choose to run different distances for these Saturday long runs and find running partners within the group based on individual pace and planned distance each week.  Divas can use the Columbines message board to find partners for mid-week runs or to communicate plans for the Saturday long runs.

If you are considering joining the Distance Divas, please know that you will find yourself among some of the friendliest, encouraging and inspiring women! Our members vary in age, pace and running experience and you will find friendships, support and the opportunity to achieve more than you ever thought possible!

Please email Paula or Beth if you need more information – they’d love to hear from you!